Literary Libations with Alexander McCall Smith

September 19, 2014
There are restaurants these days that serve something they call the pairing menu. Wines and food are linked so that one gets the right white wine with the fish and a suitably robust red wine with the meat. It gets more subtle than that, of course, but the general idea is clear enough: an experience can be enhanced if there is thoughtful pairing. So what about books and wine? Or books and spirits? A clear head is needed for any reading, but the careful and moderate consumption of any drink – including tea – can increase a reader’s pleasure. There are rules, though, and here they are. (Actually these are suggestions, rather than rules, even if they sound prescriptive.)

5 Questions with Seconds creator Bryan Lee O’Malley

Posted by Kobo Reads - August 12, 2014
In a medium defined by its hyper-nichification, Bryan Lee O’Malley is one of the few graphic novelists to have truly found a place in the mainstream. Born in London, Ontario, but raised on Japanese manga and indie rock, the L.A. based O’Malley defined ...

The Kobo Glo Shines on Top Ten Reviews

Posted by Kobo Labs - July 25, 2014
The Kobo Glo has been a Kobo fan favourite since it launched. Many of our readers like the Kobo Glo for an obvious reason – it keeps the pages of their eBook lite up for easier reading. Most recently, TopTenREVIEWS tested it out and named it one of ...

Summer Blockbuster Reads

Posted by Kobo Reads - July 21, 2014
Whether romance, mystery, non-fiction, or thriller, nothing goes better with the beach than a great summer read. It’s a tradition as old as the backyard BBQ cookout, a custom celebrated since the dawn of the cottage cocktail. It’s summer reading. And ...

Obituary: Archibald (Archie) Andrews, 1941-2014

Posted by Kobo Reads - July 16, 2014
Today we say goodbye to an icon. Born Archibald Andrews (1941), “Archie” as he was known to loved ones, was just 17 years old when he was gunned down trying to protect his friend—controversial U.S. Senator Kevin Keller—in a shooting that authorities ...